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ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rates - Jan 3

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rates - Jan 3

LONDON (Dow Jones)--Following are European Central Bank foreign exchange reference rates. All currencies are quoted against the euro.

US Dollar USD 1.4753
Japanese yen JPY 160.68
Bulgarian lev BGN 1.9558
Czech koruna CZK 26.175
Danish krone DKK 7.4532
Estonian kroon EEK 15.6466
British pound GBP 0.7448
Hungarian forint HUF 253.67
Lithuanian litas LTL 3.4528
Latvian lats LVL 0.6987
Polish zloty PLN 3.6075
Romanian leu RON 3.606
Swedish krona SEK 9.4078
Slovak koruna SKK 33.446
Swiss franc CHF 1.6422
Icelandic krona ISK 91.66
Norwegian krone NOK 7.925
Croatian kuna HRK 7.3406
Russian ruble RUB 36.017
New Turkish lira TRY 1.7292
Australian dollar AUD 1.674
Bulgarian lev BRL 2.5979
Canadian dollar CAD 1.4666
Chinese yuan CNY 10.7291
Hong Kong dollar HKD 11.5122
Indonesian rupiah IDR 13893.64
South Korean won KRW 1382.06
Maltese lira MXN 16.1123
Malaysian ringgit MYR 4.8523
New Zealand dollar NZD 1.9066
Phillipines peso PHP 60.6
Singapore dollar SGD 2.1144
Thai baht THB 44.062
South African rand ZAR 10.085

The reference rates are based on the regular daily procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks, which normally takes place at 1415 CET

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